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We Understand Your Parking Lot Sweeping Needs in Michigan

At Eagle Eye Parking Lot Sweeping of Metro Detroit Michigan, we understand each business and location is unique. We can provide a customized, flexible sweeping schedule that takes into consideration your business hours, traffic and parking patterns, local noise restrictions, and debris levels. A quality cost effective sweeping matches the right people and equipment for the job. All Eagle Eye Parking Lot Sweeping service providers maintain state-of-the-art fleets to keep your parking lot or roads clean and safe, and our sweepers are operated by professionally trained, licensed and insured environmental technicians who pride themselves on reliability and dependability. We can match a sweeping program with your schedule needs and budget requirements, offering service 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

GPS Tracking – Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking. We know when the truck arrives at your property, how long it was there and how long the sweeper component of the truck was operated. This gives us important statistical and quality control information and gives you peace of mind, knowing that we are sweeping your property properly.

In-House Maintenance – Our in-house maintenance program guarantees that the sweeping equipment you need will be ready and in top operating condition when you need it. Our mechanics perform all maintenance and repairs on Eagle Eye equipment and they take pride in maintaining our trucks and equipment to ensure that we meet and exceed customer expectations!

Our Certifications – Members of “World Sweeper” and “NAPSA” North American Power Sweeping Association to have access to the nation’s largest association of professional sweepers, their manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.  These organizations are recognized and reliable associations whose members adhere to a code of ethics. We are bonded, licensed, and insured.

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